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Why Petchaboon ?  


Many friends have asked me this question - Why Petchaboon ?

My reply is rather simple - Because there are 7700 hungry people(adult and children) standing behind a barb-wired fence looking at the world outside for help. These people have neither hope nor a future for them or their children.
I know .... I cannot promise these people a bright future and a guarantee that they will be still alive after being sent back. BUT, I can bring them the message of Hope and Eternal Life, the message of the Gospel.

With such immense needs of 7700 people, it is difficult to ignore and go on in my daily air-conditioned life while 7700 souls huddle in the freezing cold to stay alive.

Yes, I know my limitations and what I can do as one person. But with your help, I can bring resources like clothes, blankets to keep them warm in the cold. Rice to feed the growling stomachs of children instead of mothers needing to prostitute themselves to buy food for their starving babies.
A small measure of relief it may be, but it makes a difference to these people receiving it behind the fence-line. 2 years is probably all they will have between now and an execution squad.

I know...I cannot do much, but at least let me pray and walk this last mile with them.....


What next?

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