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18 Aug - Consolidation Day !  


A big THANK YOU to all my readers and friends ! Thank you for your encouraging response, mails and contributions !

And No.... we are not stopping collection just yet ! :) We've just begun and we're expecting more clothes/blankets/funds to pour in !

Please continue to spread the word and help us make a difference in the lives of the Hmong people.

p/s : This is a picture taken today in my guestroom.... which is slowly turning into a full fledged storeroom after a week of collection ! :)Many readers have written in ask how can they pass the clothing and funds to this cause. So here it is ! I'll be opening up my house this Saturday (18 Aug) from 1pm-4pm for you guys to drop by and contribute (and yes, cash/bank transfer is fine).

My address is as follows : Block 92, Hillview Ave (Hillbrooks Condo)

Just before you drop by, please drop me a email at eugenew81@yahoo.com.sg (if you have not already done so). This is to let the security staff know that I'm expecting you.

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