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Make a difference ? But I'm imperfect !  


I hear people telling me that they cannot make a difference because they are not perfect or have not "reached that level". Lets face it, we are all not perfect.

Our start state and capacity may differ but I always believe that each person is capable of making a difference in his/her own circle/community. The only difference is daring to step out.

Look here my dear friends, I am not perfect. In fact, I have many flaws.... in fact many many flaws in my life. But having these flaws in our life, does not mean that we cannot make a difference in our little ways.

If I had seen needs and stood still. 7000 cups of milo will never been given out. 1600 blankets would never have reached the refugees. See my point ?

I throw these challenge out to my dear readers. Come step out into my world, together we can make a difference !


Heart to heart blogging  


I guess many times when I blog. I tend to say all the nice things, the achievements and the good stuff.

But the challenges that we face on the ground is not always articulated.

So, here we go. I'm going to write both my honest feelings, challenges as well as the good stuff. This is all in the hope that you guys will see through my eyes.

So here we go, a new chapter of NewLifeOutreach blogging


What will i give to someone who has one year to live ?  


Many people have asked me. "Eugene, if these Hmong Lao are returning back to Laos in 1 year and they will be eventually killed. Why are you still helping them ?"

Now my reply has always been such "If you have a loved one that has a terminal illness and have only 1 year to live, would you stop providing and caring for them ?"

In fact with each shortening minute, I find it more and more pressing to bring relief to these people. In my first few blogs, i wrote "...at least let me pray and walk this last mile with them" and i intend to do so ! http://newlifeoutreach.blogspot.com/2007/08/why-petchaboon.html
This year's Christmas would probably be their last and after which they will return to a life filled with uncertainty and death.

This challenge I pose to my readers. "Come join hands with me and walk this last mile together with these Hmong people for their last Christmas."

To know more about this trip click here -->


Hmong: Mass Deportation Despite Fears  


UNHCR has been denied access to the camp in Thailand and the decision by the Thai government to forcefully deport the refugees has caused widespread concern among NGOs and human rights groups.

By the end of 2008, more than 8200 Hmong-Lao people currently seeking refuge in Phetchabun refugee camp will be forcefully deported back to Laos. While the UN has classified them as refugees, both the Thai & Laos government has classified them as illegal immigrants thus justifying the deportation process.

The majority of the population are Hmong, an ethnic minority from Laos. For the last 2 years, the government of Thailand has been deporting small groups back to Laos without investigating the cause of departure and many Hmong Lao have committed suicide in the process of deportation.

With UNHCR denied access to the screening process, the safety of the deported Hmong Lao is in question.

These Hmong-Lao had been the target of atrocities and genocide in Laos for aiding the US in the Vietnam War. With countless eye-witness accounts and physical wounds to substantiate the claim, the government of Laos has maintained its stand that Hmong Lao are illegal immigrants and should return back to Lao.

The Hmong Lao live in daily fear of being deported back to Laos and many of these refugees have said that they would choose the option of committing suicide rather than to go back to Laos where their whole families will be tortured to death.


Changes in my email  


With RADION International coming online, you can contact me at the following :


Now this should resolve all the bounced mail issues from hotmail to my current yahoo.com.sg account.

If you have any queries, or you wish to help out in any way. Please feel free to write to me.


MILK! 16-18 Nov 07  


This trip was probably the most memorable one to date. We brought MILK! to some 1600 children and not only that we had the opportunity to bring smiles to their little faces when we had a games session.

A few Australian Chinese friends made an ad-hoc decision join us and they too had a great time at the refugee camp.

Now for less talk and more pictures !

1st Shift (Morning outdoor songs & story telling session)
Afternoon session - Parachute game by our in-house game master !

Of course not forgetting our MILK! mission !


7 Hours Drive To Bring Hope  


In about 30mins, we'll undertake another arduous 7 hour journey to the Hmong refugee camp. Though the journey is tiring, but for me my reward comes by seeing the faces of the ones whom I'm bringing aid to.

Seeing little faces light up, seeing lives transformed, seeing people given a hope to live on.

I'll return on Monday to continue my blogging. In the meantime, please help us spread the word and through our efforts, we can make a difference in the lives of these people !

This is a picture handed to us from one of the Hmong refugees. This picture was taken in the jungles in Laos.

RADION is born  


Yesterday, we've received a great news. Our company RADION International is registered and we're good to start work.

During our shipping of our relief containers, we faced quite a bit of problems as we did not have a company to front this effort. The second challenge is that donors are reluctant to donate as we did not have a corporate bank account.

Now with RADION International online, we're able to do all these on a non-profit basis and bring more to the refugees. Appended is our business data



This is to confirm that the business is registered under the Business
Registration Act (CAP 32), on and from 15/11/2007 and that the business
name is registered until the date of expiry on 15/11/2008.

The particulars of the business are as follows:

Name of Business:

Registration No:

Principal Place of Business:

Principal Activity:

Description of Principal Activity:

Secondary Activity:

Description of Secondary Activity:

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)


Activities and Updates For Nov 07  


Appended is a copy of our Nov Newsletter for your reading.

In summary, we have brought some 1500 blankets to the refugee camp as such every single family has at least one blanket to brace them through the cold. For MILK! mission, we have reached some 2500 children in our outreaches !

Click Here to download the newsletter


Remembering the Refugees On Christmas  


Many times when we reach the refugee camp, the people will just come up to us and tell us how much our visit means to them, how we have made a difference in their lives. I guess thats what we are all about -"Providing Hope & Creating Meaning"

Christmas is more then just a season for giving. Its a season of Hope. Join me to bring hope to these people not with just words, but our action to remind them that they are not forgotten.

This next trip will be special as we are planning not only the the regular MILK! mission but also conduct special interaction programs and maybe gifts(Pending sponsorship).

Date : 21 - 25 Dec 07 (Friday-Tuesday)
*25 Dec is a holiday
Cost : SGD $500 (Land Only)
*This trip will see some 200+ being channeled back to refugee effort.
Objective : Hands on trip with simple distribution of reliefs

Please contact me at eugenew81@yahoo.com.sg if you would like more information on this trip!


Newsletter & Talks  


For those who are still not part of our mailing list and would like to receive our regular monthly letter to be updated on our key events and happenings, please drop me an email at eugenew81@yahoo.com.sg and I'll add you guys in !

Talks & Awareness Building
On 20 Nov, I'll be heading back to Singapore to attend 2 good friends' wedding, attend meetings as well as to conduct awareness-building talks. If your group (Team/Group/Company/Churches/Etc) are looking to support our efforts but would like to know more about what we do, you can reach me at the above mentioned email to coordinate.

I'll be in Singapore for about a month before flying back up to Chiang Mai to run the outreach in Dec.


3 Months.... And more to go  


We have been running our regular MILK! Missions for the last 3 months, making a total of 5 trips to help the Hmong refugees. Embarking of each of these missions cost us some 20,000Baht (Approx SGD $860). These relief bringing missions mean a lot to the refugees where each trip we see some 1000 children being fed !

We have not much, but we hope to be able to help these people for as long as finance can sustain us. The current funds can last us for the next 4 missions but anything onwards, we need your prayers and kind support !

With your support, we can continue to bring miracles to these refugees ! - Eugene


My last on every trip  


You know, every single time I head up to the refugee camp. I spare no effort to put in my very best even if it means getting all dirty and dusty.

One staff asked me "Pii[Older brother], how many boxes should I put on the truck ?" I always had the same reply "As many as we can take"

This mission we managed to bring the warm clothings for 5 groups totaling some 774 families.

For me, I cherish each outreach mission like a last. Like the last day for the Hmong before they return and like the very last day where I live.

This is especially true in view of the Hmong people's upcoming deportation where we really won't know what will be of them.

The last mission was extremely stirring when I spoke in my broken Thai to the Hmong leaders
I asked "Have you heard of the deportation plan back to Laos next year"
The leader replied "Yes. Please help us if you can....thank you for everything. We'll remember you"

And for these people who have been forgotten.... I'll remember them in my prayers too and may the Lord bring about a miracle for these people.


Worth every bit  


Tomorrow, we'll be heading up to the refugee camp as scheduled. This round we will be bringing a group of 9 children from Care Corner and many are coming for the first time to help us in our distribution of warm clothes and reliefs !

In every of our trips, we aim to bring along someone new as we firmly believe that its a life changing experience. Its true for me and many of my friends. All so often we've heard feedback that its a life changing experience for the volunteers.

Sometimes when my family and friends ask me "Eugene, is this worth all the sacrifice ?"
My answer ?

"No amount of money can buy the sense of satisfaction when you bring hope to the hopeless. Sacrifice ? Yes its painful but its worth every single bit ! "

MILK! - Making A Difference  


If you would only know what it means to him