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They gave what little they have... to those without  


Extracts from a email from Laiu Nai Fwei dated 20 Aug 07:

"....Please let the Hmong people know that when their video clip is shown in each person's computer, people teared with them, felt a heavy heart with them....

You should hear these stories from me...

A brother who was badly indebted 2 years back withdrawn $1000 from his personal savings and donated it to the refugees. He understood how precious God's grace has been in his time of need and he gave of out of his savings to bless the Hmong people.

Another giver is a sister in my church, she earns a meagre salary by working laborous hours as a photocopy lady. I remembered speaking to her 3 years ago when I urged her to have some savings even if it means starting from $10 per month. This $10 saving was a challenge at that time as she has suffering from hypertension and in poor health, most of her hard earned money went into paying her medical bills.

Today, she still works in the same laborous job and saved penny by penny through the years. Just a few minutes ago, she handed me $1000 from her hard earned savings to bless these refugees.

Many of the people who have contributed funds from my church, are people who are very thrifty, eat simply, dress simply and hardly buy any new clothes. They understand the plight of the refugees and what it can be like without blankets in the cold.

It is a lot of trust when I received their response, and each time I felt like crying. The brother who gave $1000 hopes to see these little ones in the Kingdom of Jesus. The sister who gave $1000 wrote 'May God's love and peace be with them'.

Please let the Hmong people know that they are not hopeless people. Over here, though many of us will never meet in person, we want to share with them what God has given us. And we hope that they could have some shelter, and from these clothing and blankets and other stuff, they could see that God did not forget them....

-Nai Fwei "

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