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Petchaboon Refugee Camp  


Introduction :
CCOF is now making provision to reach both the children and adults in the Hmong Refugee Camp in Petchaboon.

Background :
This community of Hmongs are an ethic minority from Laos who are seeking refuge in Thailand.
The Hmongs have assisted the United States back in 1960 with the fight against communism in Laos. However after the withdrawal of US forces, the Hmongs found themselves persecuted and fighting to remain alive, till today.(For more reading, refer to http://www.unpo.org/article.php?id=5095)
Location : Petchaboon is a 7 hour drive east of Chiang Mai and the refugee camp is located high on the hills where temperature can drop to a cold of 5 deg celcius.

Current Situation :
To date, there are 7000 Hmongs who are contained in barb-wired camps with hardly sufficient basic necessities.

Current Needs :
During our last visit to the camp in Jul 2007, the leaders of the Hmong have pleaded for immediate needs such as food, mosquito nets and blankets (as the cold season is approaching in Oct).

As such, we're making an appeal for a donation of used blankets and clothings from readers, with the hope of reaching the refugees before the cold season in September/October 2007.

Please drop me an email at eugenew81@yahoo.com.sg if you wish to contribute in any form to this refugee camp.

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