CS300 : Your Support Means The World To Them


StreetKids! Program  


Children from the STREETKIDS! program are not just poor children - they are children from high risk backgrounds, be it substance abuse, gang involvement, family violence and vice.

We would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support given to this program. While most organisations are in need for child sponsors, we have been blessed to have it the other way around with supporters waiting on the sponsors queue waiting to help that special child.

What makes us so different you might ask ?
The difference is simple, we are extremely careful in our screening process to take in the ones who really need help.

To be honest, many parents come up to us to offer their children to be placed on the streetkids program, many are from poor families, some even destitute. But in the place i'm working, 80% of the people are destitute - living just off SGD$6 a day for an entire family.

Every single StreetKIDS! sponsor know that each child has only ONE sponsor and the sponsor is the vital key to turning the child's life around.

In our work, we have our fair share of heartaches and pains. But thats the price we pay in our work :)

If you are keen on supporting a child, please write in to eugene@radion-international.org and we will put you on the list. Once a child comes on the program, you'll be the first to be notified.

Queue For Child Sponsorship
1 ) LEE MW
4 ) HO SJ


Should I Have One More Trip ?  


The Nov FRT trip has officially ended. It was awesome fun in both Phetchabun as well as Site X where we distributed the crocs shoes to the refugees and all :)

Anyway, I'm thinking of organising one more trip in December in addition to the Christmas trip.

The tentative dates would be 18-22 Dec, its a simple overview of StreetKids work as well as village outreach.

Why so close to the christmas trip you may ask ?
Its an opportunity for volunteers to come up to help us with the pre-christmas work of distributing food and maybe get dirty with some hands-on work.

I know of a family which requires repair for the roof, one more family which needs a toilet built. So maybe drop me a email quickly and if we manage to gather at least 6 pax. we'll go ahead with the trip !


CS300 : Support Our Cause !  


Dear Friends and Sponsors,

We face an overwhelming task this coming 2009. Just as RADION wishes to continue bringing gifts of hope to desperate lives. Financial challenges came up which lead us to consider if RADION could continue this effort any further.

Through support and suggestions from friends and kind sponsors. We have decided to launch Core Support 300.

CORE SUPPORT 300 (CS300) is a simple but yet critical support raising campaign to enable us to continue reaching lives.

How does this CS300 work ? Its rallying 300 like-minded supporters (or 300 pledges) to partner us by supporting with just $50/month for a period of 1 year.

That translates to just $1.60 every day. That money can buy you a soft drink or it can make you a life changing partner of RADION, where you know that the money will be prudently maximized to reach thousands living in desperate conditions.

Support Us. Support CS300. Your support means the world to them!

To be a part of CS 300.

Visit http://www.radion-international.org/core-support-300

Read more about Radion International.

Visit http://www.radion-international.organd our blog http://newlifeoutreach.blogspot.com/


Its CS300 Day!  


Many of you have been asking what is this CS300 all about.

Today, we will be unveiling this exciting project !

Wait for your mailers to come in or check on this blog or www.radion-international regularly to be the first to sign up !


Part 8 : The Blessed Problem  


With such a sense of heaviness but yet a sense of complete helplessness, I looked to my little bank account, seeing how much I could afford to channel to help these people.

So I made some quick calculations and I figured that I could probably afford to send up 3 cartons of relief to these people via DHL/UPS/Speedpost. At the time, these delivery services seemed to be the best means.

So there I started in my little room telling the Lord how I'm going to send up 3 cartons, to me it was something unprecedented. Along with this effort came a tinge of subtle pride- a pride of being able to send 3 huge cartons.

I started to pack some warm clothes and I sent out a couple of emails to my friends asking for old clothes/winter clothes etc etc to fill up my 3 cartons. Just in a matter of weeks, the word went out and the warm clothes started to flood in. Soon enough I realised that I needed to get 30 cartons..... and in a couple of weeks, the respond was so overwhelming that I needed to get 300 boxes.

I stood in my little room again praying and this is the comical part. Looking back just a couple of weeks back when I stood in front of God with such pride of being able to send 3 cartons, now I just simply felt out-done by God with 300 boxes now.*grinz*

This was 100 times more than what I hoped and though this experience I had a preview of how much these refugees meant to God.

Now the reality hit. 300 boxes. How to send it all up ?


A Modern Complacent Life  


There are so many lives that are suffering out there. Children, adults, devoid of hope, without strength to go on in life.

Do you really know what it means ?

Let me tell you what I see. I see simple parents struggling every single day, stinging on their food so they can save that extra penny to send their kids to school.

Its one thing to say you care, its another thing to mean it. Broken lives cross my path daily and I have to stinge and "streamline" my outreach. Because people in the 1st world do not understand and I have to work with my limitation.

My limitation is not the hours I put in, but the finances which I have.

The contribution from people, comes in like droplets while the existing needs are simply overwhelming.

The modern world has grown to be complacent and comfortable in their warm beds, choosing to forget those who do not have a bed to sleep in. We have grown self centered and the only people we really care about is ourselves. If you were to stop and for a moment see the lives which I reach, your biggest problems in your life will suddenly not matter so much.

I deal with real needs and real lives. Lives that need our help. I can train and build RADION to reach these lives and many more to come, but without your financial support. It will just be a dream.

I want to reach EVERY single child on drugs..
I want to reach EVERY womenfolk that is abused...
I want to reach EVERY destitute family...
I want to give every one that HOPE to live on...


Volunteer ! Spread The Word  


For those who are wondering what is this Core Support 300 ? This thing which comes up at the top of the blog. Basicially Core Support 300 is Radion's newest awareness building and support raising campaign.

Video snippets and teasers which will be made available to you through youtube and facebook. Through we hope to showcase difference facets of our work(from logistics to manpower) and also the real challenges on the groun......why each component is vital to humanitarian relief operations. So stay tuned !

That's all we'll say for now! *grinz*

How can you help ?
- Tell your friends and relatives about the campaign.
- Show them the clips !
- Link us on your MSN/ICQ/Facebook

More videos and publicity will be released in the upcoming weeks !


In the face of challenges  


Actually you guys would not be able to fully appreciate the stresses of sustaining this outreach effort. The stress is not only from our outreach work alone but also in raising enough funding.

Just to give you a rough gauge, our outreach can potentially run up in excess of 12,000 each month. Our fund raising trips run every few months, each of these assuming we have 6 pax - we are able to raise some 6 X 200 = 1200.

So in order to cover our operating overheads, we would need to run at least 10 trips every month. But for the past 1 year, we have a total of 5 FRT trips in that year.

Many times I feel like just giving up .... in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Its the challenge of running a business to provide jobs, running a huge ministry that reaches hundreds to thousands..... without anything. Many times it feels that we are all alone in this work, especially when we are personally not financially supported.

But then I'm reminded of the story of David vs Goliath, its always through situations where its humanly impossible... its then that we have an opportunity to see God's miraculous provision happen.

Pray with us.