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Collection Dateline : 14 Sep 07  


Dear Readers,

I will be leaving for Chiang Mai this friday to head up to Petchaboon. This would be a 3 month long effort, interspersed with regular trips to Petchaboon with Ricky and his CCO team. As such, my sister(Perlita) & my brother-in-law(Andy) will be helping with the collection effort back here in Singapore.

For those who are unable to pass me their donations/clothes and blankets before I leave, do arrange to have them sent over as soon as possible. You can still use the same email contact to reach either Perlita or myself. (eugenew81@yahoo.com.sg)

As the logistics tail is relatively long, we would need to set a cut off for collection on 14 Sep (Friday) so that resources can reach the refugee camp before the cold season kicks in.

Please continue to contribute generously as we still lack funds to purchase sufficient blankets for these Hmong refugees.


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