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Sponsor List (Refugee Camp Outreach)  


A big thank you to all of you who have contributed so generously or made a pledge to contribute in one way or another.

These are the people who have gone the extra mile to make this outreach a possibility! Every single donation would make a difference to the lives of those who receive them !:)

Note : For those who are keen to help in any way at all. Please drop me an email at eugenew81@yahoo.com.sg I will get back to you as soon as I can !

George Wong - Clothes and publicity
Seet L.M - Clothes & fund donation
Derek Chan - Clothes
Perlita Wee - Fund donation & fund raising
Andy Teo - Fund donation & fund raising
Yeo Wee Teck - Funds
Josephine Teo - Clothes & fund donation
Shirlene Ng- Clothes & fund donation
Benjamin Goh - Clothes & Publicity Design
Eron Chua - Freight networking
Alex Zhou - Clothes
Lionel Ang - Clothes
Wong Wanying - Clothes and publicity and funds
Wong Bein Shu - Clothes
Cindy Lim - Funds
Candy Tang - Clothes
Fen - Clothes
Benny - Clothes
Engie Ho & Family - Clothes
Shubert Ho - Clothes
Barbara Tan - Children's Clothes
Sandra & Family - Clothes
Catherine Yeo - Clothes
Estella Tan - Clothes
Ashley Sim - Clothes
Jonathan Quek - Clothes
Carolyn Teo - Clothes
Kevin & Jessie - Funds
Sharon & Family - Clothes
Victor - Clothes & Funds
Tay Soon Wen - Funds
Harold Tan - Freight
Ginger Faith Tan - Funds
Chium Yuet Ching - Funds
Xia Wei Guang - Clothes
Kelvin Sim - Funds & Clothes
Liau Nai Fwei - Funds, consolidation and publicity
Wu Qiu Lian - Funds
Cathy Tan - Funds
Teo Lak Sim - Funds
Susie Fung - Funds
Chok Huey Min - Funds
Chok Huey Chyn - Funds
Mr&Mrs Lim Lin Eng - Funds
Wei Pei Ying - Funds
Wincent Liu - Funds
Tan Lee Wah - Funds
Su Fong Der - Funds
Edwin See - Clothes
Carolyn Koh - Funds
Ho Siaw Chin - Clothes
Ng Wei Boon - Clothes
Rashmi Khanal - Clothes
Beverly Snodgrass - Clothes
Irene Khoo - Clothes
Zeng Lixin - Clothes
Ginger Lim - Clothes
Daniel Cheong - Clothes
Wong Siew Ying - Clothes
Hazel Sim - Clothes

Mrs Yap/Mdm Tan Siew Hong -Clothes
Mrs Jean Teo -Clothes
Mrs Priscilla Ang - Clothes
Ms Chok Siew Lian - Clothes
Mrs Janie Tan - Clothes
Mrs Elaine Ong - Clothes
Wong Hefen - Clothes
Ruby Tan - Clothes
Dale Chang - Clothes & consolidation
Angeline Sum - Clothes and consolidation
Tan Yueh Peng- Clothes
Lovies Leow - Boxes
Phillip Lim - Boxes

Darren Seow - Clothes
Jimmy Suen- Funds
Kok Chuen Wah - Clothes
Jason Teo Kar Hui - Clothes
Ya Zhen & Brother - Carton boxes
Regina Sim - Clothes
Kim Thye Lee Trading Company - Transportation
Teo Chee Tiong - Manpower
Teo Bee Hwee - Manpower
Mr Stanley - Clothes
Herbert Pang - Clothes
Ms Ginny - Misc
Salvation Army - Reliefs
Mt Alvenia Hospital - Baby Jumpers
Lea Hin Co (Power Mfg) Pte Ltd - Item Storage
Alvin Lim - Assistance
Far East Packaging Industrial Pte Ltd - Boxes
Mr Caan Tan - Assistance
Lisa Yeo - Funds
Alice Chng - Funds
Josh Chai - Funds
Full Gospel Assembly (KL) - Clothes
Mercy Teo - Funds & Misc

Tan Kim Joo - Donated Items and Transportation
Mavis - Freight Coordination
Lee Winn - Funds
Jessie Tan - Funds
Tan Kim Hock - Packing/Sorting
Helen Tan - Packing/Sorting
Mai Shan - Items
Kristen - Items
Cros Asia - Shoes with special thanks to Emily Ang, Garry Lee
Charlie Wee - Coordination/packing/sorting
Christie Wee - Coordination/packing/sorting
Lim Ah Lek - Warehousing
Kimberley Tan - Packing/Sorting/Help in Flea Market Sales
Daphne Ma's Mom - Items
Janice Chan - Funds
Julie Lee - Clothes
Mdm Kuan - Clothes
Joey Chen - Clothes
Elsie Low - Clothes
Chermayn Chan - Coordination & Clothes
Peter Lim - Clothes
Chen Choon Qi & Family- Clothes
Daybreak FSC - Parenting Seminar with special thanks to Choi Foong(Director Daybreak)
Jacob Seet - Funds
George Ang - Funds
Pan Adol - Funds
Yasmine Ow - Funds
Jonathan - Funds
Allan Tiong - Funds
Daniel Ong - Clothes
David Lee & Family - Clothes
Saw Peh Ping - Funds
Wenbin - Funds
Sabrina Wat - Funds
Jolene - Funds

Joanne Teo & Family - Funds
Mr Ian Chung and all committee members and staff of Society of Sales and Service Specialists, Singapore
Melvin Yong - Funds

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