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Collection Update  


Dear Readers & Friends,

Thank you for all your kind support and generous contribution. To date we have collected SGD $5626 with an additional $18,000 to be raised to buy sufficient blankets. Please continue to help raise awareness by sharing this blog with others with the hope that more people will step forward to support.

As I will be heading straight to Petchaboon refugee camp for 3 days after flight tomorrow, I will provide another update as soon as I get back to Chiang Mai ! :)

Picture 1 : The clothes contribution thus far.....

Reminders :
14 Sep 07 (Last day for collection of old clothes)
15 Sep 07 (Tanglin Mall Fund Raising Bazaar) http://newlifeoutreach.blogspot.com/2007/08/tanglin-fund-raising-bazaar.html

What next?

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