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Hmong Refugee Camp Outreach Plan  


A big THANK YOU for to all those people who have pledged their contributions in one way or another. So far we have gathered a good support for used clothing, but blankets are still lacking.....The following depicts a rough time line for us, so that our contributions can reach the refugee camp just before the cold season kicks in.

Phase 1
Time : Aug (Week 1 & 2)
Activity : Publicity for Outreach program to Refugee Camp and Orphanage
Help Required :
1 ) Clothes (Children/Adult)
2 ) Spreading news of the outreach program
3 ) Sourcing for help in the following areas
- Funds or donation of blankets
- Funds for food (Rice)
- Sponsors to help defray shipping/freight cost from Singapore to Chiang Mai
- Sponsors to help with land transfer from Chiang Mai to Refugee Camp

Phase 2
Time : Aug till 14 Sep (Changes)
Activity : Consolidation & Collection of pledged items
Help Required :
1 ) Collection and packing of items into boxes for shipping/freight
2 ) Sourcing for help in the following areas
- Funds to freight the items to Chiang Mai
- Funds to ground freight items to Refugee Camp

Phase 3
: Sep (Week 2) (Changes)
Activity : Shipping/Freight of all items to Chiang mai
Help Required :
1 ) Sourcing of funds to ground freight items to refugee camp

Phase 4
Time : Mid Oct (Changes)
Activity : Donation and aid to arrive CCOF Chiang Mai for sorting and packing
Help required :
1 ) Funds for ground transfer to Refugee Camp in Petchaboon

Do post your comments and feedback if you have any :) I will continually post pictures of our collection effort for your viewing !

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