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PRC (Petchaboon Refugee Camp) 24-26 Aug  


Fig 1 : Children behind the barb-wired fence in Petchaboon Refugee Camp

We've just returned from a tiring but fruitful and heart warming trip to Petchaboon last weekend.

With Care Corner Orphanage Foundation(CCOF) Chiang Mai taking the lead for this humanitarian outreach, 14 children from the orphanage volunteered to take the arduous 7 hour journey with us with one simple hope - the hope of bringing cheer to the less fortunate children behind the barb-wired fence in Petchaboon.

In this trip CCOF sponsored 800 pairs of children slippers as some of the children in the refugee camp were walking around bare-footed and subjected to cuts on their small feet. These are some pictures of our outreach.
Fig 2 : Bringing slippers to the children

In addition to bringing slippers to make a difference, it was even more heart-warming to see the children from CCOF waking up as early as 6am to rehearse their songs and dance for the Hmong Children. Although the orphanage children were not permitted to enter the camp and had only 2 guitars, that did not deter them from singing their hearts out to minister to the Hmong children.

Now thats what I call making a difference !

Fig 3 : Singing their hearts out

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