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Care Corner Orphanage (Chiang Mai)  


Care Corner Orphanage Foundation (Chiang Mai) is a ministry founded by Singaporeans in 1995 to reach out to children in need. They currently minister and reach out to 3 main groups of children.

The 3 groups are :
1 ) Orphans who have lost their both their parents and existing family have no means of taking care of them.

2 ) Children who have been given up by their natural parents as their parents have no means of taking care of their children. (ie Single parented homes)

3 ) Children who were born with HIV and have been abandoned by their relatives and parents.

This home takes in these children, providing them with not only the basic necessities in life but also access to education. This orphanage is currently only supported by individual sponsors and not corporate/church bodies. As such, funds are constantly required for the daily operations of the home.

Update : NewLifeOutreach collaborated with Care Corner Orphanage Foundation during the initial phases of Hmong Lao outreach. Relief missions were fully funded by NewLife while CCOF supported with manpower and usage of vehicle.

Update : NewLifeOutreach has ceased all working links and collaboration with Care Corner Orphanage Foundation Thailand since December 2007.

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