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Milk Mission Sep 07  


In our last trip to the Hmong refugee camp, we saw many of the children running up to the fence line to greet us (and of course to peep at what we've brought for them !) . Although it was just children's slippers, but they looked through the fence with such anticipation !

It was a heart-warming sight for the entire team, but we also noted that many of the them looked under-nourished.

It was in our conversation with the leaders, that we were informed that there was a fairly large population of mothers who are unable to breast-feed their babies and their young are in need of milk.

In our next trip, we're planning to bring some milk-powder/milo to feed the first group of 500 children. Though, we may only afford a small cup for each child, but I believe that it would make a difference in the children who are on the receiving end.

It may be a donation of just a few dollars, but it means milk for a hungry child..... Please, if you are able to donate and assist, please write to eugenew81@yahoo.com.sg

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