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Warming Up A Little  


The weather seems like its warming up a little with temperatures predicted to drop to a low of 6 deg.

In our village alone, 3 elderly people whom we reach out regularly with our food augmentation programs passed away due to the cold and poor health. Its tragic but its part and parcel of what we see.

We reckon that the cold snap is finally over, but lets keep our fingers crossed.

Fund raising for Blanket mission will be placed on hold from 30th Jan onwards. If we receive further forecast of bad weather, we'll send out another urgent appeal. For now sincere thanks to Kyrie International & Radion's supporters for giving so generously during this relief effort.


7-day Forecast Jan 27, 2009 - Feb 2, 2009

Morning fog and thick patches in some places. Cold in the upper portion, minimum temperature 13-15 oC. and cool elsewhere, minimum temperature 16-21 oC. Cold to very cold in the high mountain, minimum temperature 6-10°C. Easterly winds 10-30 km/hr. During 28 Jan – 1 Feb, thick patches in many places and cool, minimum temperature 16-22°C. Light wind 6-12 km/hr.


Streetkids! : Nong Maai  


Nong Maai is our newest girl on the streetkids! program. Nong Maai is 9 this year but she has been doing poorly in school and has repeated level 1 for 2 years. When asked, she tells us that she is not able to cope in school as she is often asked by her mother to excuse herself from school to tend to her younger siblings. As such, her education is badly affected and till today, she can't speak properly.

We first came across Nong Maai during our home visitation to Somchai's family. Her mother is the sole breadwinner and the whole family is too poor to even afford a proper roof over their heads. Since our last visit to the family, the family of 7 has been squeezing below our makshift canvas roof which deterioated rapidly due to the presence of rats.

Nong Maai came for our december streetkids! mass outreach and we saw a little sparkle in the girl's eyes. When asked if she wants to stay with us, she shyly but quickly replied..."YES"

Nong Maai's family is dysfunctional with her mother taking care of the 6 children. The oldest child was slashed to death in a drug related issue. Her drug trafficking father has just been released from prison but now lives with another lady.

This shy little girl came in with moldy clothes and she has probably not bathed in weeks. This little girl has a huge dream, a dream to be a medical doctor. And we want to give her the best chance to reach for that dream.

Nong Maai requires a sponsor. Please write to me if you are keen to sponsor her.

Lunar New Year  


Wishing all my readers a blessed and prosperous lunar new year !


Singapore 23 Jan - 12 Feb  


Thank everyone for their support and prayers. Our relief distribution mission has been completed and both myself and benjamin just arrived Singapore last evening.

The same arrangement, for those who wish to schedule meetings or arrange for talks to your groups. Please contact me directly at eugene@radion-international.org

We'll be back till 12 Feb before returning back up to Thailand.

Some updates :
1 ) Streetkids! - 3 more kids scheduled to join the streetkids! programs
2 ) Streetkids! - We have just managed to secure a new site to house the children from the streetkids! program
3 ) Project Lives! - On schedule and we are looking for weekday volunteers. If you can afford your time, drop me a note.


Blanket Mission  


Today, we delivered the remaining blankets reaching a total of close to 400 needy families. Over 6 villages.

Today, we rushed to deliver aid to 3 hilltribe villages.

Converting the village meeting room to a first aid/medical clinic.

Attending to the elderly and destitute that have no close access to medical. Some were abandoned and did not have the means to get to the hospital.

Hand outs to the destitute. Most of them had to wear additional clothes at night as their existing blankets were too thin.

Group picture of Lau Nu Village - Hmomg hilltribe. Outside the village meeting room.

Lau Nu Village - Hmong & Thai Hill Tribe

Completed distribution of blankets at Lau Nu Village. This village consist of both Hmongs and Thais. Medical mission was not rendered as they are in close proximity to the provincial hospital.

This elderly lady was tearing as she was telling ben about how her son was involved in drugs & alcohol and abandoned her with her 3 children.

RADION team followed up with a home visit and conducted a needs assessment for her family and children. (more updates to follow. 2 children will be screened for eligibility for the Radion StreetKIDS! program.

Ben putting on a beanie for a unwell Lisaw child who came to collect blankets as well.

Pet Dam Village - Lisu Hilltribesmen
Completed relief distribution among the poorest of the 1000 strong lisu population

Medical mission was not scheduled but due to the number of sick turning up to collect the reliefs, we activated it. Attending to children running high fevers and colds due to the weather.

Weather Update : Northern Thailand  


Weather Forecast From 23:00 - 23:00

Cold and morning fog with thick patches in some places. Minimum temperature 10-15°C. Maximum temperature 27-32 °C. Very cold on mountain tops, minimum temperature 3-6 °C. Light wind 6-12 km/hr.

Issued Date Jan 19, 2009
7-day Forecast Jan 19, 2009 - Jan 25, 2009

1-3°C rises with morning fog and thick patches in many places. Cold, minimum temperature 10-15oC. Very cold in the high mountain, minimum temperature 4-6°C. Light winds 6-12 km/hr.


Relief Mission : Day 2 Relief Distribution  


This is the second day of our blanket & warm clothes distribution in response to the extreme cold weather.

Setting up for medical mission & blankets distribution at the first village - Hua Sai Nue

Site preparation for distribution

Briefing at the village head's office

Distributing of reliefs

Each needy family receives a big blanket and if there are children, they are given one more nylon blanket to tide over the cold.

Medical mission running in tandem with the relief distribution. Medical care was rendered to more than 40 needy people.

Relief distribution at the second village (Huay Nam Khao) in collaboration with the local church leader.
Align Center
Children getting their share as well.

Children beanies were distributed to keep the little ones warm.


Relief Mission : All In A Day's Work  


Reliefs arrive on Saturday at 1500hrs consisting of almost 400 blankets

Unloading of cargo as detailed planning was ongoing in the field office.

Launched on Saturday 2100hrs with 2 vehicle loads to reach remote village at midnight.
Mountainous roads were heavily eroded and narrrow, only passable for one vehicle at any time.
One of our girls threw up due to the rough terrain.

Photo of the village-Poo Kat, taken in the morning 0700hrs.
The village is deep in the mountains without electrical power supply.

Elderly lady broke into tears, grateful that somebody came.

One of the Hmong homes. This is a picture of the bed that sleeps 3.

The elderly's granddaughter standing by, watching.

The village was not equipped with a clinic and the closest hospital was in the next town.
Medical team rolled into action, seeing almost 40 patients.

RADION staff organising the distribution site.

Destitute villagers gathering to receive the much needed blankets.

Villagers waiting patiently as their names are called.

The people receiving instructions on the collection process and collecting the blankets and warm clothes.

Relief team departed at 1400hrs, safely arriving back at Phetchabun Field office at 1700hrs.
Monday we are scheduled to distribute more blankets to 2 more villages.


Operation Launched  


In less than 24 hours of receiving news of pending drastic cold weather, RADION responded with ah-hoc humanitarian relief operation. Logistics and relief items rolled into the field office in preparation for the work.

In less than 2 hours, RADION team will be launching into the province of Nakonthai into the mountain ranges to bring relief to the population.

The 1st wave would see close to 500 families being reached.

Standby for more updates.

Hmong Lao Refugees : Confirmed Deportation  


BANGKOK, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- Thailand agreed on Friday with Laos's request to repatriate some 5,000 Hmong refugees from Thailand's northern province of Phetchabun by the middle of this year. Thailand has sheltered some 8,000 Hmong from Laos since 2004.

"It is possible that we are able to repatriate them in accordance with the schedule since it is now clear that the Hmong could return safely," the website by The Nation newspaper quoted Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya as saying on Friday.

The Thai foreign minister visited Vientiane on Friday for an introductory trip as Thailand's new foreign minister and to review all issues concerning bilateral ties, the website reported.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva also plans to visit Laos on Jan. 23 to introduce himself as Thailand's new Premier and to discuss further cooperation between the two neighboring countries.


Urgent : Disaster Relief Operations  


To All RADION’s Personal Friends & Supporters,

An unusual cold spell has hit Thailand with temperatures dropping to 2 deg c in northern parts of the country.
To date 5 deaths have been reported and the authorities have declared an emergency zone across more than half of the country.
The small villagers which are on the located on the mountains are affected by the cold spells with reports of temperature reaching minus 3 degrees in one mountain.

RADION International is launching emergency relief efforts to bring blankets and warm cloths the remote mountain villages.
In the first phase, RADION will be purchasing blankets to reach the most pressing villages in the circumference of RADION’s field office in Phetchabun.

RADION requires your financial support for the purchase of blankets and relief effort. Please donate generously.

For cheque donors, indicate : “Thailand Cold Disaster Relief”

Please cross the cheques and make them payable to :
RADION International before dropping the cheques at any OCBC Cheque deposit box.
Or send your cheque to :
RADION International
Singapore Post Centre Post Office
PO Box 053 Singapore 914002

Please IB to OCBC Current Account : 521-849620-001
Please include your full name for accounting purposes.

Eugene Wee
Operations Director
RADION International

Cold Weather Reports From RTG  


45 provinces affected by extreme cold weather conditions

Source: Royal Thai Goverment

Date: 15 Jan 2009

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation provides recent update on the extreme cold weather conditions nationwide, while stating that as of now a total of 45 provinces have already been affected.

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) reported today (January 15) that thus far 45 provinces nationwide, consisting of 16 in the North, 19 in the Northeast, 3 in the East and 7 in the central region. All of which have already been affected by extreme cold weather conditions.

Meanwhile, 44 of these cold-affected provinces have been declared as emergency disastrous zone due to its climate that has posed significant threat to many lives. In response, 742,297 warm clothing were already dispatched to the affected victims.

The DDPM also has been coordinated with responsible authorities to provide further assistance to the locals in concerned areas.

Disaster Relief - Extreme Weather In Thailand  


From Thai Meteorological Center

"Colder in Thailand and High Wave in Gulf"
No. 21 (21/2552) Time Issued : January 12, 2009
The strong surge of intense high pressure from China remains over Thailand and the Gulf and causes colder, 1-3 °C drop with continuous windy over the areas by 15 January 2009. Cold to very cold occurs in the North and Northeast including the mountain tops with isolated frost.

The prevailing strong northeast monsoon over the Gulf and southern Thailand causes high wave 2-4 meters

in the Gulf of Thailand and landward winds. All ships should proceed with caution, and small boats keep ashore during

12-15 January 2009.


Project Lives! - Logo Design Rave  



As we draw closer to the collection dates for Project LIVES!
RADION has launched a funky way of getting our volunteers involved.

This round, you get to design our campaign logo which will be printed on posters and stickers. The stickers will go onto every carton which we send to Thailand.

Make your mark ! Join us !


Project Lives! - E-Pamplet  



Project Lives! - Container Of Hope  


Every year, we pull together people from all walks of life to send a container shipment of relief items to reach the destitute and the marginalised people groups. The ones who really need them.

This project is now coined as PROJECT LIVES!

This year Project Lives! will be launched in tandem with the Chinese New Year festive season and we need your help again to make this 40 foot container shipment a success.

We hope that every item that is donated is given in love. Let me shift a little paradigm here. Yes these destitutes are poor, Yes. They need the items, yes. But they too have feelings and pride. Thus, I want to encourage every person to give generously of their used items, but only items which are in good condition. This helps us bring that measure of hope to these people.

I've attached a more detailed list of items which are required :

1 ) Dry/Canned food items (Staples or meat items with at least 3 months towards expiry date)

2 ) Used clothes, blankets, jackets, towels (Washed and in good condition)

3 ) Hygiene Items (Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap)

4 ) Medical/Pharmaceutical items (first aid kits/gloves/masks/bandages)

5 ) New Stationary/Educational Materials (Drawing blocks, coloring books, coloring pencils/crayons)

6 ) Electronics/Technology Items (Solar Panels, Water filtration systems, torch lights, batteries)

7 ) Foam sleeping mattresses

8 ) Baby clothes/Nursery Items (Feeding bottles, etc etc)

Our collection booth will be opened only for 2 days on 6-7 Feb. Mailers & pamplets with more details will follow.


Site X : Distribution Pictures  


Working with the refugee leaders for relief distribution

Children queuing up to receive food and milk in our MILK! mission
Providing medical attention to refugees who have no access to medical aid


A Blessed New Year  


Dear friends and supporters,

Wishing all of you a blessed 2009 !

From all of Team RADION here in Thailand.