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This is probably an unrelated post to humanitarian affairs, but it may be useful for those who are planning trips to Thailand for work, leisure or charity.

The situation in Bangkok is unstable especially with both PAD and UDD massing their supporters in various locations in the city. Although UDD promises peaceful demonstrations, the possibility of a violent clash from both sides is real especially with tensions building up. Violence has built up from hand-gun use to grenades being thrown at protester gatherings.

The Thai police is ineffective in its management of the civil riot with rioters driving through police barricades and puncturing blockade police vehicles.

An estimate of some 350,000 tourist are being stranded in BKK.

The risk assessment is HIGH for all areas in Bangkok.
The risk assessment is LOW-MID for northern provinces which are traditionally peaceful and considered as Taksin's stronghold.

Update 1.44pm 2 Dec 08:
Thailand's constitutional court has dissolved the governing People Power Party and two of its coalition partners for fraud during the last election. This decision has evoked angry reactions for pro-government supporters. The Thai PM told reporters "I will not quit and I will not dissolve parliament"

It is assessed that the repercussions of the courts decision would be felt in the northern provinces of Thailand which are traditionally pro-governmen and support rallying is foreseen.

Risk assessment for Northern Provinces are now upgraded to MID.

What next?

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