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Streetkids! : Saa  


Saa plight was brought to us through John(Beang) who is on our Streetkids! Program. John told us of his half brother who was slowly getting involved in glue sniffing and vices. So we did a home visitation and needs assessment at home.

In our visitation, we noticed that the mother son relations were poor and the mother had little control of what Saa was doing. When asked about his activities, his mom was surprised that her child was involved in vices, substance abuse and missing school. This gave us a good indication of the care and attention provided to Saa was lacking in the family.

In our conversations with Saa, he comes across reserved character, speaking only when he is spoken to. This boy seldom smiles and keeps most of his thoughts to himself. Of late, he has been opening up and we see hidden hurts in his life that have yet to be addressed.

Update : Saa has been sponsored by Lee Minwei

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