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CNY Clothes Collection Drive  


Every Chinese New Year, as part of the festive season, we buy new clothes to usher in a brand new year. This year, we are doing a clothes collection drive post-CNY and we ask for you to set aside all your old clothes which are in good condition and give them to the destitute.

We will be planning a container shipment up and we need the following things :
1 ) Carton Boxes (About 300)
2 ) Warehousing Space
3 ) Volunteers For Collection & Sorting
4 ) 4 Collection Point (North, South, East & West Areas) for people to drop off their stuff.

This drive is similar to the one before. We will be sorting the items and the items that have re-sale value, we will sell these items to help us cover shipping costs. The remaining clothes will go directly to the following people groups.

1 ) Destitute Villagers
2 ) Streetkids!
3 ) Hmong Refugees

Email me @ eugene@radion-international to be part of this effort !

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