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FRT : 23- 30 Dec - An Unforgettable Christmas  


This is more info for you late birds :)

We'll be operating another FRT (Fund Raising Trip) to Phetchabun Thailand.

I'm hoping to gather about 30 volunteers to run the show as I'm targeting about 300 children from the Hmong village. Now, this event will be the largest children's outreach the village has ever seen and you can be part of it !

We are expecting children from ages 8 to 15 in this event, mostly from poor and less fortunate backgrounds. So what we hope to do ? We hope to bring the Christmas cheer to these little ones.

23-24 - Pre Christmas Preparations
25-26 - Christmas Celebrations At Huay Nam Khao
27-28 - Christmas Celebrations At Khek Noi
29 - Home visitations
30 - Return

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