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StreetKids! Program  


Children from the STREETKIDS! program are not just poor children - they are children from high risk backgrounds, be it substance abuse, gang involvement, family violence and vice.

We would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support given to this program. While most organisations are in need for child sponsors, we have been blessed to have it the other way around with supporters waiting on the sponsors queue waiting to help that special child.

What makes us so different you might ask ?
The difference is simple, we are extremely careful in our screening process to take in the ones who really need help.

To be honest, many parents come up to us to offer their children to be placed on the streetkids program, many are from poor families, some even destitute. But in the place i'm working, 80% of the people are destitute - living just off SGD$6 a day for an entire family.

Every single StreetKIDS! sponsor know that each child has only ONE sponsor and the sponsor is the vital key to turning the child's life around.

In our work, we have our fair share of heartaches and pains. But thats the price we pay in our work :)

If you are keen on supporting a child, please write in to eugene@radion-international.org and we will put you on the list. Once a child comes on the program, you'll be the first to be notified.

Queue For Child Sponsorship
1 ) LEE MW
4 ) HO SJ

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