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Guidelines For Volunteers  


Alrighty. Quite a couple of volunteers want to partner us for trips but do not know the guidelines. So here we go.

1 ) No tourist.
The work we do is depressing enough, volunteers who are insensitive will only add to the emotional strain of these people. Example : We had a man who loved photography, and he went up to the refugee camp and started snapping pictures away while distribution was ongoing and the refugees started to feel like it was a human zoo.

2 ) Religiously Neutral/Politically Neutral Volunteers

We work in a cross culture environment and as Christians, we strive to maintain a fine balance and we respect people for who they are. Distribution and relief is evenly distributed irregardless of their religious preference. This policy is non-negotiable.

3 ) Every volunteer is self-supported.

Some people come up to me and ask me to pay for their entire trip because they volunteer their time and effort (which is worth a lot back in the home country). Yes I understand, but again we can't pay for your trip/accommodation/food/everything. If We did, we would have to take money from the food budget for the destitute to feed you. Wouldn't be right there ya ?

4 ) Make a difference. I mean... a good difference

Now, volunteers like to give things which are considered necessities. ie necklaces, shoes, toys etc etc. You see in the place i live, the kids grow up without lots of unnecessary items. And its enough. 1st world necessities do not necessary translate to 3rd world necessities. You want to know what is needed ? Food. Water. Sanitation. Shelter.

You can write in to ask about the list of needs. Giving the wrong items creates an artificial need, which cannot be sustained on the long run. So yes. Write in :)

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