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Where are you ?  


Today was a public holiday and I had been trying to find time to contact an old friend who is a missionary up north in Chiang Rai area. This family uprooted themselves from Canada to Thailand to serve here and they came without any financial support.

I have met many missionaries in my work and some have such lavish lifestyles which makes you wonder the prudence of their spending.

Now this family is different, they live humbly, eat simply and have assimilated into the society unlike other couples which I have seen. And many times they had to live by faith to get by. Did i mention that they have 4 children ?The husband works with children and his wife goes out in teams to bring prostitutes in and give them a new sense of hope.

Today as we spoke, he told me that he has been working with an NGO in Thailand and has not been paid for the last 4 months. And their family funding is running dry and they have no choice but to return to Canada.

The leaving portion is grieving but what saddened me further was his drive to serve God. He tells me, "Eugene its alright, we'll go back. I'll find work and raise more funding to come back to Thailand again.... hopefully in the next few years"

I hate to say this but I've seen people who call themselves missionaries and live in huge houses with lavish lifestyles, with hardly any lifestyle to back their words. Yet in less than 1 year, I seen 2 couples leave the mission ground because of a lack of funding.

What is going on ? Where is the Christian support these godly people need, where is that prayer support to those who gave everything to serve God ?

What next?

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