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For the next few months, we are focusing on our awareness and support raising campaign – CORE SUPPORT 300 (CS300). This is critical lifeline campaign to us at RADION and we need each and every one of your support.
For the past year, many of you gave generously and this year our main hurdle is to maintain a steady flow of financial support for our operations.

Every single cent which is given is stretched to reach more lives. This year alone we expanded our operations :
- Reaching 2 additional Laotian Hmong refugee sites (Project HMONG LAO)
- Created jobs for ladies who have been subjects of physical abuse (Project SHOPHOUSE)
- Started a children’s work among 6-15 year olds who come from high risk families or drug abuse backgrounds

Yes, global financial crisis hits home, but we still have our meals on our tables. But these people relay on your support to have a simple hope to live on.

RADION needs you to be part of that hope through CS300. 300 people to come together to support with just SGD50/month for 1 year. Help us bring hope.

See through our eyes and see the very lives we reach. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frVIQIX8OeM

Help us create awareness. Be part of this life changing effort. Sign up for CS300 here http://www.radion-international.org/core-support-300

Eugene Wee
Founder & Director
RADION International

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