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Streetkids : Thank You  


Friends, thank you for coming forward to sponsor these children. To date, all 4 streetkids have been sponsored. The final child (chaan) is still not ready to go to school, so for the mean time, he is not up for sponsorship yet. Once he is ready, i'll put him up.

The next thing I'm looking forward to is to get sponsorships for 2 of my staffs' children. As you would know both of my staff are single parented and they make just enough to make ends meet.
Doing the calculations for meals and schooling, I reckon that these mothers would have to skip meals to send their kids to school.

Therefore, I'm planning to open up the streetkids program for their children to bless them as well.

I have 3 children in the following priority.
1 ) Nong Faa (Elder child of Neet)
2 ) Nong Kut (Only child of Aun)

3 ) Nong Plaa (Younger child of Neet)

What next?

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