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Faa catching shrimps for dinner

Faa is a beautiful and brilliant young 12 year old girl who always carries a charming smile. But behind this smile is a tattered past of seeing the divorce of her parents , and seeing her mother struggling through the last 12 years to bring her up.

Every single day, she would turn up early at the Shophouse! togther with her mother(Neet) to help out with the chores to the point of forsaking an excursion just to help her mother.

We spoke to her mother(Neet) and she tells me that her regret is not being able to provide for Faa to study well.

Though life has dealt a seemingly unfair blow in her life, Faa goes through each day with a positive outlook. Just today she told us that her dream is to reach out and help people who are struggling.

Sponsoring Faa cost just SGD78/month. If you are keen to support her studies, please write in to eugene@radion-international.org

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