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Street Kids : What it means to them....  


We just arrived in Chiang Mai a few days back, brought the kids to our new office to bunk in. It was amazingly hilarious.

As you know, these boys are street kids and live in the hill tribes for their whole lives and they are used to doing things "normally" (read spitting, pissing almost anywhere they can find). Just as I was walking down the stairs of my office... I bumped into one of the street kids who just gurgled a big blob of saliva and spat it out with much gusto on the office stairway.....

It was quite a shock for me and I had to educate them that spitting is meant for the outside and not the inside of the office *grinz*

Yesterday we also managed to bring them to TESCO (something like our carrefour) and they never seen supermarket.... not to mention an escalator! They were so amazed with the stuff that they went on it quite a couple of times.

As we did our shopping, some of the boys asked me if I could buy them a toothbrush(8bht/0.40SGD). I don't know, but my heart felt an ache which I'm not accustomed to - Wondering how much a simple gift like that means so much to them.....

What next?

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