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Street Kids : Broken Lives Making A Difference  


Yesterday, we brought the streetkids out to distribution food to the destitute families. It was a radical move as these streetkids are well known among the villagers.

Yesterday when we asked them if they wanted to help the poor. They immediately jumped up and offered to help carry the stuff and join us.

Normally, our village outreach would be rather sober. But this round with these boys around, its kinda.... different. They pounced all over the house, pat the dog, climb trees, talked loudly.

But somehow, it still touched the villagers when these hyperactive children gave the dried noodles to the villagers. Towards the end of every visit, we got the streetkids to pray for the destitute families and you could see tears just welling in the eyes of these destitue elderly.

So who says that broken lives cannot make differences ?

What next?

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