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Street Kids : Child Sponsorship Lieng & Gau  


Lieng & Gau

Gau (12) and Lieng(10) grew up in a troubled family whereby both their parents would not get along. Many nights, his mother would run away from the house leaving the father as the sole breadwinner to take care of the children.

Their father went through a traumatic time in his marriage and was severely depressed. One day the boys woke up to find that their father had committed suicide by eating pesticide.

Both children are now under the care of their paternal grandparents, however they too have little to give to these children. On normal days, the children will live off rice, water and fish sauce to fill their little tummies.

Personal Note :

Gau is a young and brilliant boy. Although he is mischievous, I see a good spark in him. I’ve seen several times when other boys bully his brother, he would stand up and defend his younger brother even when he gets insulted to the point of tears.

Despite going through so much in life, Gau maintains a positive outlook in life.

Personal Note :

Lieng is a simple 10 year old who is always smiling. Behind his charming smile hides a shy boy. This boy although young, but has been involved in much bad company leading him to glue sniffing and other vices.

Lieng may not be as brilliant as his older sibling, but he has a teachable heart which is always willing to listen to correction. In fact, he’s always the first to arrive for lessons wanting so much to learn.

Each child cost SGD78 to sponsor. If you are keen on sponsoring either child, please email me at eugene@radion-international.org

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