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Street Kids : Child Sponsorship Chay  



Chay is a quiet 14 year old and just last year Chay’s father drowned while fishing leaving him with his mother. His mother is a farmer and does not have regular income, many times Chay has to go hungry and without food.

Chay told us that he wants to go to school, but is frequently discouraged by his own mother about the need to study. After repeated discouragements, he dropped out of school and was involved in a street gang where glue sniffing and petty theft is common.

Personal Note :

Chay is one of the most honest streetkids I have encountered. When apprehended on a wrong behavior, Chay is almost always the first to admit his mistakes and take corrective actions. This little boy stirred our heart when he told us that the people at Radion are sincerely concerned about his welfare and he wants to grow up to be a useful person.

In our encounters with Chay, he shows signs of a reformed character and many times offering to help in chores while other kids go out to play. Sometimes the children will ask me to buy water guns for the Songkran festival and when I explained that it was expensive, Chay would be the first to hold my hand and tell me “Pee Eugene, its ok… lets go.. its expensive”

To Sponsor Chay - email eugene@radion-international.org entitled Chay

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