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Beang on the right

Beang is a cheerful 13 year old who was orphaned 6 years ago when his whole family went missing, leaving him with his elderly grandmother.

His grandmother makes a living as a farmer and does not make enough to make ends meet, many times Beang and his brother goes without food. Most days, he gets only plain rice which he adds water in help fill his tummy.

2 years ago, his grandmother asked him to quit school as they can no longer afford to send him to school and since then, Beang learn to live off the streets, picking bottle caps and selling them. Hoping to to buy food. He learnt to live off the streets and in the process was addicted to glue sniffing.

When we asked if he has ever stolen, he was quiet for a moment and he replied yes. He told us that he stole soap from a provision stall to bring back home as his grandmother could not afford to buy soap. He quickly replied that he has not stolen since he joined our streetkids program, he said that he did not want to disappoint us and wanted to have an opportunity to study. He dreams to be a pastor someday.

Personal Note :

Beang went out with us on the Songkran trip and at every petrol kiosk stop, he would rummage through dustbins to find bottle caps which he keeps carefully in his pocket. Every time he found the correct ones, his eyes would glimmer and he would pounce over to tell me. Its grieving each time especially when I know he can achieve so more in life...

To sponsor Beang : email eugene@radion-international.org topic : Beang

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