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Why SGD$24,000 ?  


The initial plan was to purchase 8000 thin blankets (each costing an estimated SGD$3) for the refugees. This was how we derived the initial 8000 X 3 = $24,000.

In our last trip in August, we've asked the leaders to streamline and give us exact numbers of the resources (blankets/mozzie nets/milk/rice) which they need. These are the updated and steamlined numbers :

Blankets - 1438 (Assuming each family shares one)
Mosquito Nets - 1438 (Each family one)
Milk - 862 (For infants below the age of 6)

As the blankets will be meant for families, the small & thin blankets would not suffice. As such we'll be looking for thicker and larger blankets in Chiang Mai on a rough budget of SGD$6 per blanket.

With the amount raised, we would prioritise our budget in the following manner.
Priority/Purpose/Estimated Budget
1 /Purchase of 1300 blankets (Pressing need) /6 X 1300= SGD$7800
2 /Purchase of milk /TBC
3 /Purchase of mozzie nets /TBC

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