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Answer to your queries  


The 2 most frequent questions I've received are :

1 ) Where is Petchaboon ?
2 ) Is it safe ? Hint *You know the Afghanistan kidnap incident

Answering these questions

Answer 1 ) Petchaboon is the fringe town between the North and North-Eastern Thailand. It is also aptly nicknamed the "Alps of the East" in view of its beautiful mountain ranges and cool inviting weather.

Our route from Chiang Mai to Petchaboon (Click to enlarge)

Answer 2) Yes its safe. Firstly, its on Thai soil, secondly, its some 100km away from the Lao's border and thirdly, its under the management and purview of the Thai military.

There will be some 10 team members (both male & female) heading up to the refugee camp. This mixed team consist of volunteers, fund raisers and staff.

If you're keen to join us on this 17-22 Oct Fund raising trip, please email me to reserve your space.

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