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The view from a child’s eyes  


While staying at CCOF, I had the opportunity to interact with the children residing in the orphanage. All 74 children tell of heart-wrenching stories- Stories of their lives. Some nights when these little ones start sharing their hearts out, my eyes would well up with tears.

Many of these children have been dealt a great blow at a young age. Some were abandoned and thrown to the streets to die while others are orphaned by their HIV parents who now in turn suffer deadly inheritance of the virus. Through these turmoil, it would be understandable if they had been disgruntled, disillusioned with life and blaming God for everything.

But it’s the total opposite with these kids! They are always bubbling with such joy and just so thankful… thankful for all the small things like being able to attend school !

For the HIV children, knowing deadly condition, many are just grateful to be alive… Though they know of their limited lifespan, they still hang on to a hope... the hope of being a teacher, policeman, musician etc etc

But for the HIV children, all these may well be just as a hope and nothing more....

How many times have we wallowed in self-pity and forgotten about how blessed we really are? I for one am guilty. But it was through the eyes of these children, that I see.

Learn more about children sponsorship at www.CareCornerOrphanage.com

Footnote :

Owners of Care Corner Orphanage Ricky & Lay Hwa, thank you for such a heart-warming ministry !

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