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Milk Mission 20-24 Sep 07  


This is how your money is used. (Minus the guitar of course!)

Tomorrow, we'll be heading to the refugee camp for a 4 day long outreach program.... so please bear with me if the blog is not updated till Sunday :) For a quick overview....

This trip's objective will be the following :
1 ) Survey of a new factory site
2 ) Fact finding from leaders on food/living conditions and misc
3 ) MILK Mission

For this MILK Mission, we'll be aiming to feed some some 456 hungry children together with their mothers. So we are expecting a crowd of about 1000. This round, we've bought milk, ovaltine and biscuits.

With the limited funds we have, we can only bring a small cup of ovaltine and biscuit to each child. Although its not as much as we would like to give, but I believe with all my heart that its still going to be a great outreach !

Please pray with us and continue to spread awareness of these refugees. Together, we can make a difference !

Dispenser, Portable heaters, Cups.... and more cups !

What next?

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