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Its getting cold up there  


This is the height of the refugee camp (Note the mountains behind)

In the last trip, we stayed in a quiet village some 20mins from the refugee camp. When we arrived in the afternoon the temperature was a cool 28 deg. However, towards nightfall the weather turned chilly. I reckon the temperature to be something in the ranges of 18 Deg.

We believe that the transition into cold season has started and the refugees would need the blankets earlier then expected. As such, we'll be rushing to purchase the remaining 1250 blankets today in hopes of reaching them in our next trip in the first week of October.
Blanket Sample

This change would not affect the 6D/5N Petchaboon Fund Raising Trip scheduled in Mid-Oct. The only difference is that we'll be rushing more clothes to them during that trip.

We have a small group who have indicated interest for the trip, but more helpers are still required ! Please email me @ eugenew81@yahoo.com.sg if you would like to join.

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