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Relief Collection Update (CAA : 9 Sep)  


Just an update of the status of the donated items as of 9 Sept.

Total weight - 1817.9 kg
Total carton boxes - 113 boxes
(size per carton are about L=60 cm B -45cm - Ht - 45 cm). mid size boxes.

Woman blouse - 1115 pcs
Woman pants/skirt - 305 pcs
Male shirt - 1265 pcs
Male Pants - 420 pc
Children's Clothes - 2402 (both top/bottoms) pcs
Winter Clothes - 475 pcs
Blankets - 137 pcs

* Excluding salvation army's contribution of basic
necessities (e.g. soap,shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste) and croc shoes
(so far 65 cartons of adult croc shoes) and potential blankets (from mt
alvernia hospital).

** There are more donated items coming in next week plus those unsold
items from bazzar sales, i think we can come up with another 10 carton

What next?

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