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StreetKids + Project LIVES!  


Alright. Some of you have been asking to see the new place where the streetkids are putting up.

The impetus for the shift from our field office to the new place is due to the constant influx of new children and more importantly, our children are growing up. So we do foresee problems if they share a single room at the basement of my office.

So here it is, it isn't 5-star but its just perfect for our expanding streetkids work. This is what it has...
- 4 Rooms
- Storeroom (or rather storage corridor)
- 2 Toilets (One inside and one out in the field!)
- 1 External kitchen
- 1 big hall which we partitioned to cater for more storage space.
- Parking space :)
- On a plot of field which is roughly the size of 1 football field

The house and parking place to the left.

Open area used for games and stuff :)

This little outfit used to house pigs. But we're going to convert it to a mushroom farm :)

The kitchen behind the house. There is no proper dining area, so we'll be trying to do a little reno here for a proper dining area.

The boy's room and their spanking new double deck beds (which arrived together with the container)

The girls room. Slightly larger. Right now we have 7 girls staying in this room.

This place used to be a living room.... utill the container rolled in :)
Temporary storage and sorting of container reliefs.

What next?

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