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A Cross To Let Us Smile.  


Today I was having my devotional time and I just told the Lord, all I wanted was to see Him smile. And in that split second I realised that the Lord's desire was to see us smile as well. And then I thought about the painful cross which the Lord hung painfully till the very last moments...... the pains, the grief, the hurts, the sins that He bore upon himself........... so we could smile today.

I wept. Knowing that as He hung on that cross and gave His life in exchange for the lives of little insignificant human beings. All these because of love.

My job is a simple one. I give practical items to needy people regardless of race and religion. My message is simple. God has not forgotten them just like He has not forgotten me. And He loves them for who they are.... no matter if she is a prostitute, a abandoned family, a kid on the streets addicted to glue, a thief.... God still loves them.

I want our readers to come together this 2009 not only to support our work. But to pray with us. Our work has a certain amount of danger involved but its well worth it :)

What next?

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