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Farming Problems.  


Today was a memorable day.

The couple in my farm was going through a difficult patch in their marriage due to the differences.

You see, Phetchabun Integrated Farm was not only meant to serve as a prototype platform, but also provides jobs and housing for destitute families.

This is one of the families which we took in. The husband is a hard worker, but has an serious alcohol problem, affecting the family finances. The wife on the other hand has a temper issue.

Both these issues do not go well together and today it broke. The lady called today sobbing and saying that she'll quit. The man came in to my office in the afternoon in tears.

We had to spend close to 3 hours to counsel the family and bridge the differences.
Right now things are still tense, but we will continue to assist this family through this difficult time. Btw, they have a 1 year old child.

What next?

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