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Back and Rolling  


I have just returned to Phetchabun from our main office in Chiang Mai and my eyes are hardly open....

The drive was strenuous as we had to wait till close to 11pm last night before the vehicle was repaired. Our very first small green trusty old truck (or affectionately known as the FunVee) underwent its first major repair as many of the mechanical parts have given way due to wear and tear. The repair was extensive and took almost 4 days to complete.

Now coming back to the drive, the drive was 6 hours long from Chiang Mai to Phetchabun and I had to reach Khek Noi by 2pm for the destitute relief distribution at the public school. Working backwards, I had to set off at 7am to make good the schedule....

In a short while I'll post more pictures of the outreach we just completed at the public school to some 500 children from destitute families.

What next?

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