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Monday A Big Day  


The 40' Project LIVES! container has arrived in Bangkok safely and is now undergoing custom checks.
If all goes smoothly, we should expect the container to arrive the village on Monday. That is when all the action will start.... why ?

The village has low hanging wires(electricals, phone etc etc) and the container has height restrictions.... less we tear down 1/2 of the village's power supply.

We'll be parking the container at the nearest clearing and shuttle the items to our 2 storage sites. And this would roughly take half a day considering the number of cartons involved.

And yes, we are also expecting a staff from Syngenta to come down.
Syngenta, a world-leading agro-tech company has kindly offered to contribute to our Community Development Project (Phetchabun Integrated Farm) by providing their high growth variety seeds and expertise.

Lets see how things run on monday :)

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