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Nong Nuu grew up in a dysfunctional family. Her father is a drug addict and constantly abuses her mother. The family finally tore apart when Nong Nuu was about 7 and since then her mother remarried and the step father does not consider Nuu as part of the family. Nong Nuu is also physically abused by her mom who uses a blunt object to hit her. When she first arrived, Nuu had a big bruise on her right arm.

Growing up in a destitute background, Nuu gets only plain rice for meals which she adds water to make it more palatable. Nuu does not receive sufficient nutrition and her growth has been affected.

Personal Note :
We first saw Nong Nuu when we went about our home visitation work. At that time, she just appeared at the door of the home we visited and looked on quietly. The volunteers spent a little while to play with the children however there was no mention that she came from a dysfunctional family. We did another round of home visitation and this round we visited her home and was told the story of how the family suffered through physical abuse.

Nong Nuu is a quiet and shy little girl who carries a beautiful smile – Hiding her hurts and pains.

*Nong Nuu is still in the probation phase, if you are keen to sponsor her, drop me a mail at eugene@radion-international.org

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