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Warming Up A Little  


The weather seems like its warming up a little with temperatures predicted to drop to a low of 6 deg.

In our village alone, 3 elderly people whom we reach out regularly with our food augmentation programs passed away due to the cold and poor health. Its tragic but its part and parcel of what we see.

We reckon that the cold snap is finally over, but lets keep our fingers crossed.

Fund raising for Blanket mission will be placed on hold from 30th Jan onwards. If we receive further forecast of bad weather, we'll send out another urgent appeal. For now sincere thanks to Kyrie International & Radion's supporters for giving so generously during this relief effort.


7-day Forecast Jan 27, 2009 - Feb 2, 2009

Morning fog and thick patches in some places. Cold in the upper portion, minimum temperature 13-15 oC. and cool elsewhere, minimum temperature 16-21 oC. Cold to very cold in the high mountain, minimum temperature 6-10°C. Easterly winds 10-30 km/hr. During 28 Jan – 1 Feb, thick patches in many places and cool, minimum temperature 16-22°C. Light wind 6-12 km/hr.

What next?

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