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Streetkids! : Nong Maai  


Nong Maai is our newest girl on the streetkids! program. Nong Maai is 9 this year but she has been doing poorly in school and has repeated level 1 for 2 years. When asked, she tells us that she is not able to cope in school as she is often asked by her mother to excuse herself from school to tend to her younger siblings. As such, her education is badly affected and till today, she can't speak properly.

We first came across Nong Maai during our home visitation to Somchai's family. Her mother is the sole breadwinner and the whole family is too poor to even afford a proper roof over their heads. Since our last visit to the family, the family of 7 has been squeezing below our makshift canvas roof which deterioated rapidly due to the presence of rats.

Nong Maai came for our december streetkids! mass outreach and we saw a little sparkle in the girl's eyes. When asked if she wants to stay with us, she shyly but quickly replied..."YES"

Nong Maai's family is dysfunctional with her mother taking care of the 6 children. The oldest child was slashed to death in a drug related issue. Her drug trafficking father has just been released from prison but now lives with another lady.

This shy little girl came in with moldy clothes and she has probably not bathed in weeks. This little girl has a huge dream, a dream to be a medical doctor. And we want to give her the best chance to reach for that dream.

Nong Maai requires a sponsor. Please write to me if you are keen to sponsor her.

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