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Project Lives! - Container Of Hope  


Every year, we pull together people from all walks of life to send a container shipment of relief items to reach the destitute and the marginalised people groups. The ones who really need them.

This project is now coined as PROJECT LIVES!

This year Project Lives! will be launched in tandem with the Chinese New Year festive season and we need your help again to make this 40 foot container shipment a success.

We hope that every item that is donated is given in love. Let me shift a little paradigm here. Yes these destitutes are poor, Yes. They need the items, yes. But they too have feelings and pride. Thus, I want to encourage every person to give generously of their used items, but only items which are in good condition. This helps us bring that measure of hope to these people.

I've attached a more detailed list of items which are required :

1 ) Dry/Canned food items (Staples or meat items with at least 3 months towards expiry date)

2 ) Used clothes, blankets, jackets, towels (Washed and in good condition)

3 ) Hygiene Items (Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap)

4 ) Medical/Pharmaceutical items (first aid kits/gloves/masks/bandages)

5 ) New Stationary/Educational Materials (Drawing blocks, coloring books, coloring pencils/crayons)

6 ) Electronics/Technology Items (Solar Panels, Water filtration systems, torch lights, batteries)

7 ) Foam sleeping mattresses

8 ) Baby clothes/Nursery Items (Feeding bottles, etc etc)

Our collection booth will be opened only for 2 days on 6-7 Feb. Mailers & pamplets with more details will follow.

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