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Relief Mission : All In A Day's Work  


Reliefs arrive on Saturday at 1500hrs consisting of almost 400 blankets

Unloading of cargo as detailed planning was ongoing in the field office.

Launched on Saturday 2100hrs with 2 vehicle loads to reach remote village at midnight.
Mountainous roads were heavily eroded and narrrow, only passable for one vehicle at any time.
One of our girls threw up due to the rough terrain.

Photo of the village-Poo Kat, taken in the morning 0700hrs.
The village is deep in the mountains without electrical power supply.

Elderly lady broke into tears, grateful that somebody came.

One of the Hmong homes. This is a picture of the bed that sleeps 3.

The elderly's granddaughter standing by, watching.

The village was not equipped with a clinic and the closest hospital was in the next town.
Medical team rolled into action, seeing almost 40 patients.

RADION staff organising the distribution site.

Destitute villagers gathering to receive the much needed blankets.

Villagers waiting patiently as their names are called.

The people receiving instructions on the collection process and collecting the blankets and warm clothes.

Relief team departed at 1400hrs, safely arriving back at Phetchabun Field office at 1700hrs.
Monday we are scheduled to distribute more blankets to 2 more villages.

What next?

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