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A Modern Complacent Life  


There are so many lives that are suffering out there. Children, adults, devoid of hope, without strength to go on in life.

Do you really know what it means ?

Let me tell you what I see. I see simple parents struggling every single day, stinging on their food so they can save that extra penny to send their kids to school.

Its one thing to say you care, its another thing to mean it. Broken lives cross my path daily and I have to stinge and "streamline" my outreach. Because people in the 1st world do not understand and I have to work with my limitation.

My limitation is not the hours I put in, but the finances which I have.

The contribution from people, comes in like droplets while the existing needs are simply overwhelming.

The modern world has grown to be complacent and comfortable in their warm beds, choosing to forget those who do not have a bed to sleep in. We have grown self centered and the only people we really care about is ourselves. If you were to stop and for a moment see the lives which I reach, your biggest problems in your life will suddenly not matter so much.

I deal with real needs and real lives. Lives that need our help. I can train and build RADION to reach these lives and many more to come, but without your financial support. It will just be a dream.

I want to reach EVERY single child on drugs..
I want to reach EVERY womenfolk that is abused...
I want to reach EVERY destitute family...
I want to give every one that HOPE to live on...

What next?

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