CS300 : Your Support Means The World To Them


Part 8 : The Blessed Problem  


With such a sense of heaviness but yet a sense of complete helplessness, I looked to my little bank account, seeing how much I could afford to channel to help these people.

So I made some quick calculations and I figured that I could probably afford to send up 3 cartons of relief to these people via DHL/UPS/Speedpost. At the time, these delivery services seemed to be the best means.

So there I started in my little room telling the Lord how I'm going to send up 3 cartons, to me it was something unprecedented. Along with this effort came a tinge of subtle pride- a pride of being able to send 3 huge cartons.

I started to pack some warm clothes and I sent out a couple of emails to my friends asking for old clothes/winter clothes etc etc to fill up my 3 cartons. Just in a matter of weeks, the word went out and the warm clothes started to flood in. Soon enough I realised that I needed to get 30 cartons..... and in a couple of weeks, the respond was so overwhelming that I needed to get 300 boxes.

I stood in my little room again praying and this is the comical part. Looking back just a couple of weeks back when I stood in front of God with such pride of being able to send 3 cartons, now I just simply felt out-done by God with 300 boxes now.*grinz*

This was 100 times more than what I hoped and though this experience I had a preview of how much these refugees meant to God.

Now the reality hit. 300 boxes. How to send it all up ?

What next?

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