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Should I Have One More Trip ?  


The Nov FRT trip has officially ended. It was awesome fun in both Phetchabun as well as Site X where we distributed the crocs shoes to the refugees and all :)

Anyway, I'm thinking of organising one more trip in December in addition to the Christmas trip.

The tentative dates would be 18-22 Dec, its a simple overview of StreetKids work as well as village outreach.

Why so close to the christmas trip you may ask ?
Its an opportunity for volunteers to come up to help us with the pre-christmas work of distributing food and maybe get dirty with some hands-on work.

I know of a family which requires repair for the roof, one more family which needs a toilet built. So maybe drop me a email quickly and if we manage to gather at least 6 pax. we'll go ahead with the trip !

What next?

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