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Part 7 : A Miracle In Motion  


Taking on the drive to the refugee camp was not an easy one. For one, I'm used to automatic cars and have not driven a manual car for the longest time. Beyond the psychomotor issue, the greater issue was the children that I'm transporting.

Arriving at the refugee camp, it was a stirring experience. Imagine 8000 people being kept behind a barb-wired fence, the place reminded me of the gloom of a german concentration camp. As we drove through the military check points, children would start running towards the fenceline in anticipation of the things that we were about to give.

Prior to this trip, I had not the slightest idea of the history of these Hmong refugee. So there I was helping out with the logistics distribution of slippers to some of these refugees. My heart was stirred despite not knowing their history, it was something in their eyes which seemed so hopeless.

I returned to Singapore shortly after the trip and I searched up the history and plight of these Hmong refugees.

Watching video testimonials of these hmong refugees over youtube, I understood the pain these people went through. Family members mutilated, raped and tortured to death.
The scenes were overwhelming and tears were rolling profusely down my cheeks. The heart wrenching feeling was beyond words, compelling me to kneel down and pray for these people. I did not know what to pray, I just told the Lord to make a miracle happen for these people.

Unknowing to me, a miracle has already been set in motion.

What next?

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