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Part 4 : 40 Days Of Annual Leave  


In the first month of tendering my resignation, I was offered an exciting job which pays an small 10% increment above my last drawn salary. Not to mention traveling opportunities, shorter working hours, medical and dental perks.

Oh yes, I missed out the best part, the salary is just the basic pay. This new work consist of a heavy commission component which can easily double-triple the basic.

Now blessed problem - What to do with the 40 odd days of annual leave ?I spent :
- 6 days in Bali diving among beautiful reefs.
- Taking short break in the mountain resort of genting
- Taking breaks and parties till it was almost tiring *grinz*

But that still leaves me with 25 days .... I started googling for holidays in Europe but it just did not seem right, finally I gave up searching.

Being a typical food loving Singaporean, in a simple few keystrokes, I went back to my favorite food blog to see what else I can indulge in. I saw this little link on the side of the blog, about an orphanage that dealt with HIV children, so there I clicked......

What next?

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